In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Flame Gold?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Flame Gold? ...

Flame Gold is difficult to earn in Tower of Fantasy. It is only obtained from one source, and the amount of time you have to earn and spend it is very short. Like many free-to-play games, Tower of Fantasy includes several currencies. Some currencies can be earned, while others must be purchased.

How to earn Flame Gold in Tower of Fantasy

Flame Gold is an extremely rare currency that can only be earned in a single method. The currently running Limited-time Banner ties you to Flame Gold. Each time you click on the Limited-time Banner, you will earn one Flame gold.

The Limited Store allows you to exchange Flame Gold for SSR weapons that have been previously purchased. This currency may only be purchased via in-game events or purchased with real money.

Flame Gold is more of a pity system than a traditional currency. If you have 120 Flame Gold, you may purchase directly the SSR weapon you want, rather than relying on pure luck to obtain it.

All Flame Gold will be converted to Black Gold when the Limited-Time Banner finishes. This gives you a limited period of time to try and earn and spend Flame Gold at any given time. Black Gold is used in the special market to exchange for regular weapons.

Start saving up your Red Nucleus, grab the Limited-time Banner gacha, and remember to spend any Flame Gold you have before it expires.