The Top 10 SNES games of All Time

The Top 10 SNES games of All Time ...

The SNES has a slew of classic console games, but each one has its own merits. Regardless of whether you liked platformers, RPGs, or fighting games, there were plenty of titles to choose from. Here are our picks for the best SNES games and what made them unique.

The best SNES games our top ten picks

Although these lists are always subjective, there are certain considerations to consider when ranking games like this. The influence the game had on later titles, its pop culture impact, and, of course, how enjoyable the game was

Square is still the most popular JRPG brand for many players, including this influential video game from 1993. The game's art style continues to be excellent, and the music and narrative remain strong. Even if the leveling system in the game has improved, it would be a far better JRPG.

Mortal Kombat II is the best-balanced game between gameplay and a diverse roster, as a result of the original introduction of different finishing moves like the Babalities and Friendships. This is probably the finest fighting game for the SNES.

Quick, do a barrel roll! Star Fox might appear simple by todays standards, but the games 3D graphics were amazing at the time. Each pilot, with their own personality and quirks, was simply fun to fly alongside.

Super Mario World was one of the first Nintendo consoles to develop for the Nintendo System, and it would continue to be one of the finest games throughout the console's lifetime. It incorporated all of the good things from the first three Super Mario Bros games and enhanced them, including iconic music, a beautiful color scheme, and of course, Yoshi.

It's surprising that Rare decided to pursue a sequel. It's a bold move to have the titular character relegated to a hostage, but it also opens the way for new and exciting gameplay mechanics. Diddys Kong Quest is easily one of the best Donkey Kong games of all time, but it also makes it onto this list because it was probably the best of the original Rare games for the Nintendo 64.

Super Metroid was the pinnacle of 2D Metroid games until it was released in 2021. This game provided a dark, gloomy, and imposing planet to explore. Along the way, more of Zebes were introduced, and this game will continue to influence gaming for years to come.

Final Fantasy VI is easily the best Final Fantasy titles out there. The animation is beyond iconic at this point, and the plot dares to show us a world where the villain succeeds. Kefka is one of the best villains in the series, and this title set the stage for Final Fantasy VII and the PS4.

Yoshis Island is one of the greatest SNES games of all time because it improved on almost every aspect of the original. The gameplay was improved. The ability to protect Baby Mario provided a distinct sound. We still wake up in the night in a cold sweat to the sound of Baby Mario's cries.

For many Zelda fans, this was the finest game ever. The game's use of the Light and Dark Worlds effectively doubled the map's size, while the narrative introduced concepts that would become crucial to the franchise in later years. Hyrule felt like a living, vibrant world that reacted to the events around it. This is the benchmark against which all other Zelda games are measured.

Chrono Trigger is among the most popular JRPG titles, with players retaining their levels, spells, and weapons to unlock new levels, spells, and weapons. It was an innovative and fun combat system that didnt require any grinding to complete, as well as the best game for the SNES.