In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Pinecones?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Pinecones? ...

In Tower of Fantasy, you will find a lot of different ingredients that you may cook with. Some of these ingredients are difficult to find and require some research, but others are quite abundant and can be found in a wide variety of locations. Pinecones are one of those ingredients that can be found fairly easily. They may not be the healthiest item on the menu, but they can be used to make some excellent dishes.

Where to get Pinecones in Tower of Fantasy

Pinecones arent a game item that you can acquire right away in the game. This ingredient cant be obtained until you have reached the Warren region. The Warren region covers the whole northeastern portion of the map and is the area that is covered in snow.

Pinecones are quite common in the Warren area when you look at their descriptions in the game. Pine trees cover the snowfields and are a regular sight. Check under every pine tree that you see and you will be picking up Pinecones left and right.

How to use Pinecones

Pinecones are not an ingredient you want to eat by itself. Instead, use them at cooking stations to create Pine Cocoa, which can be made using one Pinecone, one Cocoa Bean, and two glasses of milk. This beverage will restore 16% of your character's health, plus an additional 34,000 points.