In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get the Unicorn Head?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get the Unicorn Head? ...

There are a slew of vehicles in Tower of Fantasy. Some of them are minibikes, while others are large Rubik Cubes. These vehicles are designed to assist you in getting around the map more quickly than you would if you ran. This guide will teach you how to obtain the Unicorn head in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get the Unicorn Head in Tower of Fantasy

The Unicorn Head is not that difficult to obtain since you must go out of your way to solve puzzles and sneak past enemies in order to get it. This can be frustrating as well as the drop chance of other vehicle parts that must be farmed.

Devotees are the enemies you must farm for the Unicorn head. Like with other vehicle components that must be farmed, these are minibosses that are a bit tougher than most of the enemies you will discover in the world. Both are fairly easy to defeat.

Once you complete the Navia region, you will need to gain entry to the Crown region. This is the east of Banges. You will gain access to the Crown region as part of the story. Make sure to upgrade your Suppressor otherwise you will not be permitted to enter the Crown region.