The Best PC Visual Novels

The Best PC Visual Novels ...

During the tail end of the 20th century, visual novels originated in Japan and introduced new methods to create games based on immersive storytelling. While some games focused on adult content, others developed rich worlds where players could build friendships, solve problems, save the world, or find true love. Others allow you to mingle with local androids and make quick money.

Visual novels are some of the finest video game writing today, from dating sims to terrifying horror films to epic science-fiction stories with multiple timelines. And for newcomers and avid readers alike, these are some of the finest visual novels available in the genre.

428: Shibuya Scramble

428: Shibuya Scramble, a 40 out of 40 rating from the well-known Japanese magazine, is a must-see game for any visual novel enthusiast. The game revolves around the kidnapping of Maria Osawa, who was abducted the previous night at a party. A young detective, a former gang leader, a scientist, and an amnesiac girl stuck in a cat costume.

The game goes from this minor task onto something enormous that puts everyone in Shibuya in danger. The game is broken up into one hour time blocks, where you need to make the correct choices as all five characters in order to continue on to the next time block. Thanks to the useful JUMP system, you do not have to replay the entire block.

The 40+ hour narrative in this game is incredibly engaging. 428: Shibuya Scrambles manages to balance everything so beautifully, it's no wonder why this game is loved by everyone who has played it.

AI: The Somnium Files

Kotaro Uchikoshi has written some fantastic visual novels such as Ever 17 and the Zero Escape trilogy. However, we think AI: Somnium Files is his best game to date. Date is the protagonist in a Cyclops serial murder case dubbed the Cyclops Serial Killings in which each victim has their left eye removed. In order to unravel the mystery, Date has to penetrate the people's subconscious and look for clues that would lead him to the killer.

Uchikoshi's signature feature is a lot of mind-bending twists and turns in this game that will keep you guessing. Some of the game's cast members have surprisingly much heart, and youll discover yourself falling in love with it.

Aviary Attorney

Aviary Attorney is a comedy game that takes you back to 1848 France and takes you into the shoes of Jayjay Falcon, a bird attorney who will ensure that his client receives that not guilty verdict. Unlike Ace Attorney, youll be collecting evidence over a period of days and then trying to present your case in court.

The fact that Aviary Attorney differs from Ace Attorney is that the former has branching paths. In Aviary Attorney, instances can play out differently depending on your choices and if you have the correct evidence. It's important that you spend your time wisely during investigation days so you can win in court.

This game is extremely unique in terms of style. Instead of anime, the game features caricatures of 19th century French artist J.J. Grandville, who was well-known for drawing aristocrats and politicians as animals. A lot of the characters are over the top and hilarious. Added in with the games funny writing, youll be laughing to the max.


Gnosia is a visual novel that we recommend playing in 2021. You learn that some of the crew are alien, and you end the game in a similar situation. However, you have no clue who it is. The only way to get out is to gather information about all of your crew members.

Gnosia operates similarly to Among Us, Town of Salem, and Werewolf. On one loop, you may be a Doctor, while on another, someone who diagnoses the deceased was really a Gnosia. On another playthrough, you may actually be the Gnosia. Special events will help you uncover crucial information about the cast.

Gnosia is a fantastic game because on one loop, you get to know a character and maybe even have a touching event with them. On the other loop, you may be stabbing them in the back. It's not what you should do to get started.

Raging Loop

Haruaki Fusaishi is played by a young man who stumbled across a remote village called Yasumizu after crashing his motorcycle. A heavy mist shrouds the entire village, preventing anyone from departing until the feast is completed. It's the responsibility of everyone else to discover who the werewolf is and kill them before it's too late.

Through its excellent writing, the player must make every decision carefully during the game. Raging Loop does an excellent job of making every decision feel so important and like your life is riding on it.

The Letter

The Letter is a horror visual novel that focuses on seven individuals who end up being entangled in a deadly curse. Theyll need to figure out how to dismantle the curse before it kills them.

The Letter is a breath of fresh air in a genre that relies less on jump scares and is more focused on scaring you with its writing and sound design. The characters aren't just there for the ghost to kill; they're fleshed out.

The Letter is a game that is very similar to Until Dawn or The Quarry in terms of its very extensive branching paths and character relationships. All of these considerations are influenced by your choices. For example, two characters might end up getting together at the end. Or, something else might happen if one of those characters does not survive.