In Genshin Impact, who is the voice actor for Tighnari?

In Genshin Impact, who is the voice actor for Tighnari? ...

Players have been chomping to find out everything they can about the new Genshin Impact features with the highly anticipated 3.0 update just around the corner. And as with every Genshin update, there are new character banners.

Tighnari is one of the characters that will be a brand new five-star push. Tighnari (known by the title Verdant Strider) will be leading the new Dendro element that will be introduced in Sumeru for the first time. And as is tradition with every new Genshin update, players want to know more about the characters and their mechanics.

Tighnari Japanese Voice Actor

Kobayashi Sanae is the star who will bring experience and flair to Genshin Impact's Japanese language version.

Tighnari English Voice Actor

Elliot Gindi will voice Tighanari in the English version of Genshin Impact. He is a relatively newcomer to the voice acting scene, and Tighnari will be his first official credits. Besides his new role, he has been a part of two podcast series called Undercityin 2020 andBrimstone Valley Mall, which ran from 2019 to 2020.