The 10 rarest Pokemon cards of all time

The 10 rarest Pokemon cards of all time ...

Pokemon cards are often expensive, as collectors go out of their way to acquire the titles that are hard to find. However, mistakes only occur on a handful of cards, making them highly collectible and, of course, very expensive. Here are the ten rarest Pokemon cards.

The ten rarest Pokemon cards ever

Most of these cards on this list are rare because they were given out as part of a tournament prize or because they contained printing errors. Like the video games that spawned them, some have become rarer as time passes and there are fewer opportunities to acquire them.

The most rare Pokemon cards in the world are without a symbol in the bottom right that indicates how rare it is. These are the Venusaur cards, which were created in 1996, because of their rarity. Only five of them are said to have ever been traded.

This card is going to be an enormously high price. It makes sense that the most expensive and rare Pokemon card of all time would be adorned with fan-favorite Pikachu. It is the most rare card of all time given out by a Japanese magazine back in 1997-98 as part of an art competition, but only 23 have ever surfaced online.

How much did this Pokemon card cost at auction? Back in July 2021, YouTuber Logan Paul paid $5.275 million for it. This may not be the rarest Pokemon card of all time, but it is certainly the most costly.

Back in 1999, players from all over the world competed in the Pokemon World Championships, although only the top 12 received the Tropical Wind card as a prize. This is why one of these cards is so popular in the marketplace. In October 2020, one sold for over $65000.

This was another prize at a Pokemon tournament. It was awarded to the finalists of the Super Secret Battle tournament held in Tokyo in 1999. It had a holographic back and had a message inviting them to the finals. Only seven of these cards are believed to have been made, so finding them on the market rarely happens. The last time that happened was in July 2020 when the card sold for $90000.

Only three of these cards were awarded to players at the Pokemon World Championships in California in 2006, and they were awarded to those who earned enough points to advance to the finals of their divisions. This incredible rarity combined with the prestige of winning them means that a mint condition card sold for more than $110000 in February 2021.

Lugia is a Gen II Legendary Pokemon and it makes sense that it would need a legendary card to accompany it. This card is so rare because of the amount of errors and misprints that were included on the card; only three of them have ever received the highest condition grading. A pristine copy of this card sold for more than $144000 in May 2021, which was described as likely the last time that such a thing would be auctioned.

It makes sense that this card was awarded to a parent and child team at a tournament in 1998. Three copies were awarded to teams who made it to the final, and it sold for $150,000.

This is one of the most recent cards on the list. In April 2021, this remarkable card went on the market and raised more than $247000. It depicts the founder of the Pokemon Company and its president Tsunekazu Ishihara, who was born in 2017. As part of that celebration, Ishihara signed the card, making it a significant piece of Pokemon history.

The absence of a shadow underneath Charizards' form is the key to its longevity. This card, which was a fan-favorite character, is only in first edition condition, which is unusual considering its age.

Not all of the cards on this list were intended to be on the market. This one, which sold for $360000 in January 2021, was created as part of a pair by the makers of Magic: The Gathering to persuade Nintendo executives to allow them to handle the card games' English release. Only two were created, but only one has ever been seen at auction, making this the rarest Pokemon card of all time.