In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Purple Yams?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Purple Yams? ...

Some of the ingredients in Tower of Fantasy are very simple to locate. They can be found anywhere you look, and there is nothing special about them. Purple Yams are a different kind of potato that was exposed to radiation. They are extremely rare. Take the time to look for them.

Where to get Purple Yams in Tower of Fantasy

Purple Yams are a tricky ingredient to find, and unfortunately, you cant get them until you reach chapter five. This is the area in the northwest of the map that is covered in snow. You must upgrade your Suppressor to at least V3.4 before you can enter this region.

Purple Yams are only found in the Warren area. The locations where we have discovered most of them are marked on the map above. Purple Yams have the appearance of a small sprout in the ground so they are difficult to miss.

How to use Purple Yams

Purple Yams can be prepared at any cooking station around the map, and will increase your Satiety meter by 20 points.