Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building: Is There a Cliffhanger?

Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building: Is There a Cliffhanger? ...

TheOnly Murders in the Buildingseason 2 final will be released on Hulu next week, and why not talk about cliffhangers?

If there is one show out there that is pretty much poised to do something in this direction, it is probably this one. Just remember how muchOnly Murders in the Buildinghas from the start intended to deliver some big jaw-dropping surprises and keep you guessing. This program was also renewed earlier enough for a season 3 that it seems like something huge is coming.

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The main issue is, of course, what that something might be, and who is most likely to die in the future.

Teddy Dimas is the most appropriate person to make an educated guess at the moment for a number of reasons. For one, the Deli King has a lot of enemies. And, finally, Oliver would be an easy murder to pin on because to the bad blood between the two, mostly because the show is at risk of becoming a bit too obnoxious with their own plot.

If there is a murderoutside the building, what authority do the trio have on it? A big part of this program has been watching Charles, Mabel, and Oliver go through the Arconia in order to better understand it and the people who live there.

Will there be a big cliffhanger at the end? Let us know your thoughts and ideas on the subject below! Be sure to check back for additional updates that you do not want to miss.