Season 5 spoilers for Westworld: Show EP on final season hopes

Season 5 spoilers for Westworld: Show EP on final season hopes ...

Westworldseason 5 has not yet been renewed at HBO, and it certainly feels like it should be. That is even more true when you hear executive producer Lisa Joy talking about it.

While you may argue that this past episode is a good series conclusion, there are other topics the writers intend to tackle. It's also a chance to bring things more fully back with Dolores / Christina.

We always wanted to finish the series next season. We always imagined that Westworld would come full circle and return to the West. But with Dolores, who was just a player in other peoples games, she's finally getting to write her own story. We've got a script for Season 5, but you can make other plans.

This renewal situation is a bit strange, partly because it is so unusual for a big-budget HBO show to have its future hanging in the balance. Often, you hear about a renewal before the finale ends, or at least signals things are moving in that direction. Things may be more difficult due to the Warner Bros. Discovery deal and shifting priorities.

We just want to get something out of Joy and Jonathan Nolan's journey, even if the season 5 is shorter (say six episodes) and we certainly don't want it to stop.