Nicholas Braun's Succession season 4 premiere date

Nicholas Braun's Succession season 4 premiere date ...

It is nice to hear more and more from the cast as you prepare for the fourth episode of Succession. It gives us an idea of where things are in the works, but also when new episodes might be released.

The HBO drama is almost a month and a half into production on the next batch of episodes. That means that everything is going smoothly, and weve already gotten an idea how the show is going to go forward. Early indications indicate that the program may launch before the Emmy deadline of June, and the production timeline for us suggests that a late winter/early spring start is feasible.

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Let's look into the development of one of the show's most important characters, Cousin Greg. He positioned himself to be fine no matter what happened in season 3. With Tom getting a better position in Logans' empire, he now has an important role, as well as that Nicholas Braun was happy to tease further in a new W Magazine interview:

He enters the household as a puppy dog. He doesn't know how to be that type of person. He's just floppy. Over the three seasons, he's soaked up a lot of information. He's like, Okay, thats how Logan did that. Maybe I'll try to help someone else later on. By the end of season 3, he's ready to show off his abilities and be more fearless.

Greg seems to be facing a downfall from the outside; we just do not have the confidence that he will be able to craft a solid survival strategy in this world when he has never done it before.

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