Is a new trailer for Yellowstone Season 5 coming soon?

Is a new trailer for Yellowstone Season 5 coming soon? ...

If you are particularly eager or adamant about seeing aYellowstoneseason 5 trailer in the near future, we tend to think you are far from alone. It looks like it is coming, and we might be getting it before too long. (If not a trailer, at least a full teaser.)

What time does it take for the Paramount Network to develop it? This is something that may be familiar to many of you long-time viewers out there.

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Many of you probably know that this network is famous for using big weekend weekends to record long, extensive marathons for the Kevin Costner show, and we tend to believe that they will do the same for Labor Day Weekend. Why not use the weekend to promote the show even further for season 5.

If we were to do the show in the marathon, we'd promote that a new season 5 trailer will be released at a specific time and place approximately near the end of the event. From there, you can ensure that a lot of people are watching it, as opposed to waiting for it to go on YouTube. Even if it's only a minute or so long, you may be able to give a little more away than we've done previously.

Please share anything right now in the comments! Please come back for more information if you need it. (Photo: Paramount Network.)