Season 5 of Magnum PI: Five Things We Hope To See

Season 5 of Magnum PI: Five Things We Hope To See ...

TheMagnum PIseason 5 premiere will be released on NBC in the new year, and yes, that is a long time until filming has begun!

So what can we do while we wait for the season to come to a close? For starters, we can ponder over what the writers are going to bring to the table right away! For all intents and purposes, we want to hear from you!

What does Magnum and Higgins' future hold? We imagine some conversations about where they are right now in their relationship and how they'll proceed. We personally think that they must give it a try, but let's see how things play out every step of the way.

Another big case We believe it is important to remind people from the beginning about this shows bread and butter, and that is certainly true for some fast-paced and exciting cases. Why do we want to avoid doing it? We do not believe that they will.

Updates on Rick and TC At the end of last season, both of these guys had some transformative experiences in their personal lives, and moving forward, there's a real opportunity to showcase where they're going right now and how they've grown accustomed to these changes.

A hint for later in the season We expect that there will be some sort of arc that runs through much of season 5; this is a great opportunity to introduce it.

A familiar guest star or two With a shorter season, there are less opportunities to retain recurring performers. Wed like to see one in the premiere, just to give another clue that this is exactly the same program on a different network.