Season 5 of Magnum PI: More details on filming start!

Season 5 of Magnum PI: More details on filming start! ...

We understand that there are a lot of questions about Magnum PIseason 5, but one remains significant: When will the film begin shooting? It's possible that there won't be an official date for the NBC revival, but we've learned more than we did previously.

The benefit of starting production in September is quite simple: Flexibility. It allows NBC to premiere the program whenever they want in the new year, since episodes will be ready to go. (At least the first batch of them.) That is whyMagnum PI has drew some of its best live ratings.

There are a number of other issues out there, including the premiere date, whether or not season 5 or season 6 will be shot back to back, what Magnum and Higgins will be like as a potential couple, and what NBCs streaming intentions are for their new acquisition. We believe that streaming is crucial to their long-term future.

Let's face it: We may be ecstatic that twenty episodes will be coming to our attention, but we all desire more.

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