Elarica Johnson is leaving the P-Valley, taking on the role of Autumn

Elarica Johnson is leaving the P-Valley, taking on the role of Autumn ...

Although it is unknown whether or not P-Valley Season 3 will be repeated at Starz, we do know this: Elarica Johnson will not be returning.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress revealed that she will not be returning to the drama as Autumn, and that it was her own decision to move on:

Autumns journey felt like it was coming to an end after she had done all she needed to do and it was time for her to go on.

The creator, Katori Hall, told the aforementioned site the following about this conclusion:

Autumn Hailey Lakeisha Savage, the Pynk has been a place where she has dealt with a lot of hardship, has made friends and lost friends. She was a woman who came in on the wind and her leaving on the wind.

She saved The Pynk, and she did something that Uncle Clifford could not do at the time. She changed The Pynk, but she was transformed by The Pynk and her relationship with Mercedes [because] she was able to, for the first time in her life, feel like a sister The fact that she is leaving with not one, but maybe two babies in her belly is a sign of hope.

Were we to believe that a lot of other big names will have significant stories in the near future? Take what we thought about Keyshawn as Derrick has left her in a terrible position, and Lil Murda as he continues his career after coming out. They absolutely deserve this opportunity.