Season 10 of The Blacklist: The Benefits and Drawbacks of a 2-hour Start

Season 10 of The Blacklist: The Benefits and Drawbacks of a 2-hour Start ...

We were eager to hear about NBC's The Blacklistseason 10 premiere date, mostly because it's pretty darn hard not to be. This is a show with a complex, fascinating narrative, and some great characters. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of big-time questions still floating out there.

One of the biggest concerns, at least from a scheduling perspective, is whether or not we'll get a two-hour premiere? We've both found a case for it.

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NBC will give this sort of premiere consideration from the start: There are 22 episodes, and they need to most likely double up on episodes somewhere, after all; why not with the premiere? It's a great argument to do this because you get people excited about the show and the future almost immediately.

Despite the fact that there is a substantial disagreement with this idea, it comes down to one thing: the natural flow of the story. Unless the first two hours are some sort of two-part event, we hope that we dont get a two-hour premiere. We do not want one of the episodes to be overshadowed, especially since season 10 might feature the return of many interesting and familiar faces from the past.

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