Season 3 of Ted Lasso's first public appearance: The power of anticipation

Season 3 of Ted Lasso's first public appearance: The power of anticipation ...

The wait for someTed Lassoseason 3 premiere date information is long. Apple TV+ has stated that they are not in any hurry to release more information on the show's future, and neither do they need to be. Just think about all the press they're getting already amidst Emmy campaign season!

We just wondered if the long wait for a start date was due to the streaming service still trying to figure it out, or, because they were waiting until the end of production.

They are just waiting for the sake of doing so. They understand at this point that keeping everyone in anticipation is quite a powerful thing.

There will be no more oxygen to ask that question from the moment that they release a trailer. Maybe there will be trailer breakdowns and the like, but there is something to be said about putting a date forward until you have established yourself a solid promotional run-up leading up to the premiere. This time, however, it feels clear to us that we would not get a date announced three months in advance.

For a moment, consider this: If we get the premiere date for aTed Lassoseason 3 and it starts up in three months, that would mean the program would start mid-November. Were not sure we realistically saw it premiering later than that unless the early discussions about a fall premiere were false. After all, you are competing more against holidays. This program may, however, be fine, but they aren't entirely sure they will want to.

Why do you think we were forced to wait so long for a premiere date? Share your thoughts now, and come back to get more information you will not want to miss.