The premiere date for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 is: Raising Kanans

The premiere date for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 is: Raising Kanans ...

Power Book III: Raising Kananseason 2 is almost here, but it isnt stopping us from looking ahead! We know that Power Book II: Ghostseason 3 is coming to the pipeline, and we just have to wonder when we'll get to see it. The same goes for how Starz will tease some of it.

As you would expect, one show in thePoweruniverse is linked to another. We strongly anticipate the prequel to set the stage for the Michael Rainey Jr. drama, but what kind of role will that play?

Right away, check out our review of Power Book III: Raising Kanan's season 2 here. Here's what we thought about the big episode. Make sure to SUBSCRIBEto Matt & Jess on YouTube for more throughout the season.

We advise you not to put your hopes up for a lot of big reveal onBook II's future in the next few weeks. Even if the latest season is completed, Starz has stated over the years that they will not rush out any sort of premiere date or trailer reveal. Theyll take their time.

We would not be surprised if Season 3 of Starz uses Kananserves as the starting pad to launch the other, especially since both are more than likely to air close to each other in November. We anticipate the first half of the season to air before Christmas, while the second half to air in the new year.

Prepare yourself for at least a hint for what might be coming along with a date reveal. With Raising Kanan, for example, they released it just weeks before the premiere.

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