#2 of Americas Got Talent is revealed: Who advanced to the final?

#2 of Americas Got Talent is revealed: Who advanced to the final? ...

Tonight, the secondAmericas Got Talentresults episode of season 17 will be broadcast on NBC. Who made it through to the finals?

Let's start off with a brief explanation of the format. One act, the popular of Americas votes, will be passed immediately. America will also appear to control the next act, although they'll be subjected to a lot more drama at the end of the episode.

So who willadvance on the show? Lets go ahead and give our pre-show predictions. Chapel Hart is a certain thing. After their audition, we said that they would win the whole thing, and for the time being, we 100% stand by that! The other challenge from here is figuring out who else might join them.

There's a place where things get a little more interesting. Magician Yu Hojin is the safest bet, as fans like magicians for the most part, but we'd rather see Duo Rings (who were fantastic) or singer Maddie. We'd also like for The Pack Drumline to be included in the program, but they're probably too early to be considered.

This was very close to what we already wrote out: Yu, Maddie, Duo Rings, and Chapel Hart are all in here alongside The Brown Brothers? We do believe that they accomplished the greatest they could with their particular ability, but it's hard to imagine them as winners.

Maddie, Yu, and Chapel Hart are all on the rise, and we're all glad for the country group, but we'd have preferred Duo Rings over Maddie, who's acting was as impressive as her first audition.

Yu and Chapel Hart! This was probably the most anticipated viewer prediction ahead of tonight's episode, and we cant help but be enraged by it in the slightest.