Episode 7 of The Challenge USA: Were Kyland and Kyra eliminated?

Episode 7 of The Challenge USA: Were Kyland and Kyra eliminated? ...

TonightsThe Challenge USAepisode 7 started with of course new pairs, but also a big question: Was Leo about to leave? As it turns out, his businesses were suffering without him, but in the end, this was all a false alarm and he continued to work.

Let's get to the teams: Leo & Alyssa, Tyson & Sarah (great comedy in here), Kyland & Kyra, Angela & Enzo, David & Cashay, Justin & Danny, and Cayla & Domenick. Obviously, Sarah & Tyson had a conversation to reaffirm trust, but the truth here is that they'll only do it this week.

Main Challenge This was probably a fun activity to do since it was akin to old-school Mario Kart Battle Arenas where you had to place balloons on the back. Unfortunately for Leo and Alyssa, they found themselves going to the arena almost immediately. Later on in the episode, Leo wanted to leave; when will he take his final bow?

The one big positive news for him is that Cayla was chosen, and weve seen throughout the season that she was supportive of him. It made no sense to include Tyson and Sarah because they are both strong; rather, it was Angela and Kyra.

Cayla was really the driving force behind the move Kyland never spoke to her, and he never spoke to anyone else!

On paper, it's easy to say that Leo and Alyssa were the underdogs. They weren't as athletic, and their height did matter here. However, this was a challenge about both teamwork and trivia.

We must give Leo and Alyssa credit for their collaboration and persistence here. They really encouraged each other here! Also, they celebrated like they just won the Super Bowl.

Kyland and Kyra both saw the end of the road with this in mind. We do feel a little sorry for Kyra here, mostly because she was drawn into this because of Kyland being such a big threat.

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