TJ has a new twist in The Challenge USA episode 8 preview!

TJ has a new twist in The Challenge USA episode 8 preview! ...

It's evident that as we reach the end of the challenge USAepisode 8, we're getting closer to the final. Isn't that exciting? It's at least a chance to see who can overcome the next round of adversity.

The most exciting thing about where things stand right now in the season is that there are a LOT of big-time threats still in the game. On the guys side, you have people like Danny, Tyson, Ben, and even under-the-radar contenders like Domenick and David. Meanwhile, Sarah, Angela, Justine, and Desi have all proven themselves to be formidable adversaries.

Well, things might be a little bit tense going forward, and that would put a wrench intoeveryone's plans the rest of the way. There is some sort of major twist that everyone will need to prepare for, and that is something that there is no clear answer to. The promo instead provided a look forward to the rest of the season.

What are the chances of someone getting carried off in an ambulance? Some individuals are expected to push themselves to the limit, while others are expected to do the impossible. At the end of the road, everyone who takes part will have their work cut out for them.

Oh, and of course, the promo had more drama with Tyson and Sarah. We cant help but be Team Tyson, mostly because Sarah takes everything seriously.

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