Facelift in American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 6 Preview

Facelift in American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 6 Preview ...

On Saturday, the sixth episode of American Horror Stories, you will be seeing a story called Facelift. What lies ahead?

The first thing that we should clarify here is that this season has only three episodes left! That means that these episodes may be particularly intense. There is no buildup to the finale, though, as every installment is quite their own thing.

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FX hasn't released any further information on American Horror Storiesseason 2 episode 6 as expected, and they probably won't until next week. What we can guess is that this will be some sort of gross, Mason Verger-esque narrative about someone ruining other people's faces. Or, a cautionary tale about plastic surgery.

Let's be clear: We want this show to be as funny as humanly possible. After all, we tend to think the program is so much better when people are willing to risk everything. This is a show that can always surprise and scare, and we really hope that they keep putting an emphasis on the latter. Sometimes, it feels like this show might be better referred to as "American Strange Stories," since there's not that much humor jammed in there all the time.

Were not expecting that this episode would be tied to anything else in the franchise, but you never know! There are always some surprises sprinkled in here.