A Spider-Man Remastered modder has been banned from allowing players to remove the Pride Flag

A Spider-Man Remastered modder has been banned from allowing players to remove the Pride Flag ...

Mike Hawk (his words, not mine) created a Spider-Man Remastered mod to Nexus Mods that replaced Newtons Prisms artifacts with the stars and stripes, according to the description. The change, which was also hidden under the name Non-Newtonian New York, was not the result of a rogue Isaac Newton hater who campaigned through time to uphold the glass prism experiment. It was just some modern homophobia, and the flags around Spider-Mans New York were

The users of Nexus Mods quickly removed the unsatisfactory mod and banned its creator, mingling no words in its accompanying blog post. The fact the user had to make a sock puppet like a coward to upload the mod indicated their intentions to troll, they said. The creation of the sock puppet eliminated any doubt and made it a very easy decision for us.

The mod was published on the non-profit Internet Archive, and although the file contains an inappropriate or offensive content warning, the link nevertheless works. The remarks underneath it provide great insight into what happens when cerebrospinal fluid is gradually replaced with Mountain Dew.

People are writing many demeaning words that make them feel big and strong, and others freely refer to liberal snowflakes and their triggered fragility. Despite themselves being so sensitive they immediately spit their pants upon seeing a rainbow in a Spider-Man game. It's like when babies cry after being given the wrong face paint at a special birthday party.

One commenter said, "I just shit myself because my mother's second cousin painted a butterfly on my face, even though I asked for a pirate." But all right, commenter, I'm doing the look within myself function now.

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Results are in. Yep, anyone who types slurs and kys with perverted five-star glee is certainly a homophobic loser. Thanks for enthusing me.

Non-Newtonian New York, a wonderfully triggered mod, will likely remain on Internet Archive. The sites terms of service allow but dont endorse objectionable content since, naturally, its an archive of the disease-ridden funhouse that is the internet. However, Internet Archive forces us to reconsider how uncreative drivel like Non-Newtonian New York is part of our legacy.

The sites administrators concluded that, in favor of inclusion and diversity, our policy is this: We are for inclusion and we are for diversity. If we suspect that someone is adding a mod on our site intentionally stating that they are against inclusion and diversity, we will take action against it.

Update 08/17/2022 7:15 p.m. ET: Nexus Mods' management has made several changes.