Naoki Yoshida, the creator of Final Fantasy, believes the series is in a state of flux

Naoki Yoshida, the creator of Final Fantasy, believes the series is in a state of flux ...

Naoki Yoshida, the creator of Final Fantasy XVIs, was candid about the present state of Final Fantasy. In a recent interview with Inverse, he said the long-running RPG series was ineffective at adapting to current changes in the gaming industry.

I believe the series is currently struggling in terms of achieving industry trends. Yoshida said. Were now at a point where we received a wide variety of requests regarding our game's direction.

When Final Fantasy XIV was announced in 2010, players were dissatisfied with the game, and the development team was demoralized. Once Yoshida took the helm as the illogical MMORPGs creator, FFXIV saw a complete comeback, and the game was so popular that Square Enix had to halt sales to avoid congestion. He is one of the best people to advocate for the series' desire for innovation.

Yoshida appears to be attempting to set realistic expectations for the series, which he had previously done to explain the lack of Final Fantasy XVI updates. My current impression is that all we can really do is create many games, and continue to strive to be the best at any given time, according to Inverse.

But he was not all doom and gloom about Final Fantasy. He spoke positively about FFXIVs potential longevity as a live service game. I want to continue making sure that Final Fantasy XIV will be remembered by many as a fun game that gave them the greatest gaming experience. I also want to ensure that it will remain in operation for decades to come.

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Final Fantasy may be facing a tough time, but Yoshida does not appear to view it as a bad thing. I believe the essence of a job is getting paid to do what others find challenging.

Final Fantasy XVI, the next mainline single-player game in the series, is currently being produced by Yoshida, probably due to the poor reception of its predecessor Final Fantasy XV. The game has been postponed due to the epidemic, but Square Enix has fixed a release date for summer 2023.