The Soulless Metaverse Avatar from Mark Zuckerberg has made me anxious about our digital future

The Soulless Metaverse Avatar from Mark Zuckerberg has made me anxious about our digital future ...

Metaverse is a buzzword that has become quite popular in the last two years. Forgotten is a metaverse. Web3 and blockchain will help power the metaverse. Perhaps cows will even be a part of it? Unfortunately, what Zuckerberg has shown us of his vision of the future is boring, bleak, and jarring.

Mark Zuckerberg, an alien-wearing-a-human-skin-suit designer known to us earlier this week, posted a VR selfie from inside his company's metaverse project, Horizon Worlds. The selfie showed off the Eiffel Tower, and was intended to inform customers that his metaverse is expanding to other countries. However, people immediately began dunking on the terrible image, the ugly avatar, and how it all appeared to have been lifted from a 2005 educational video game.

And, oddly, this isnt the first time Zucks showed off devilish avatars of himself in an attempt to entic people into his virtual-reality-powered nightmare world.

Zuckerberg demonstrated Facebook Spaces in a shabby, ludicrous pose, in hopes of remaking the billionaire's face in a fever dream. For some reason, he decided the best way to demonstrate this app and his terrible avatar was to visit Puerto Rico via a video after it was slammed by a strong hurricane, which claimed tens of thousands of lives and destroyed many businesses.

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ol Zuckie made a comeback in 2021 with an avatar that appeared better than before. However, this avatar, which was shown in a video highlighting Facebook and Meta's grand metaverse plans, wasnt actually real. It was instead part of a larger concept video depicting what Meta was attempting to accomplish.

Zuckerberg's avatar is a legless Nintendo Mii with weird buttons and the eyes of a corpse in Horizon Worlds in 2022. I have played enough Horizon Worlds to tell you that the missing legs cease to matter.

Certain, the reason why Quest 2's avatars and worlds appear so simple and gloomy compared to modern video games is due to the fact that Quest 2 has limited VR hardware, as well as Facebook's desire to make VR content that is compatible with as many devices as possible.

On the other hand, I can find Nintendo DS and Sony PS Vita games with better, nicer-looking artwork and models than what weve seen so far in Facebook's metaverse. I also don't believe you can blame the people who make these things, as they are quite capable of creating better and more vibrant things. Instead, Meta and Zucklehead are focusing on producing a product that is easily accessible to everyone, without any defining features.

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Horizon Worlds looks like an animated video I would see in a fancy hospital while I look for the bathroom.

Im worried that if Mark Zuckerberg's future is headed toward other, better alternatives, it may end up defeating others because he has the money and resources to fight or buy up competitors. At the very least, Ill be able to skip it and not buy a new VR headset.