The Kotaku Review: We Are OFK

The Kotaku Review: We Are OFK ...

We Are OFK is a coming-of-age story about queer friends who are attempting to survive in Los Angeles's harsh music scene that's part interactive music video, but completely intense. With its gut-wrenching themes about the creative process and striking pastel visuals, this narrative adventure left me in a teary-eyed stupasm after the first two episodes, and the third will be released on August 25.

Four super gay homiesCarter Flores (they/them), Jey Zhang (she/her), and Luca Le Fae (he/him) who all enjoy music but are too afraid to commit to it. Eventually, certain shocking events happen, causing everyone to live in fear of being caught.

Because We Are OFK has a choice-based dialogue system, you can jump between characters fairly often in the game, while Itsumi will send you texts in the next. That's also a slippery slope because sometimes, when you're doing something you'd rather not have done before, you're actually revealing layers of yourself.

There are a few moments, such as the fun interactive music videos that wrap up each episode, where you control one of the characters, often doing arbitrary tasks like saving cats or popping balls, and allows the characters and stories to fully inhabit the world you interact with.

The music here is equally as rich as the visuals. They set the scene for the themes of love and loneliness, failure, and friendship to shine brightly. Its expansive and transportative, a driving force that underscores the story. It may even include song lyrics in the dialogue between characters. Throughout the game, everything is a sensory delight.

Every panel and screenshot of this game is a feast for the eyes, from the cool colors to the soft backgrounds. Sure, the characters are low-poly, but they are able to communicate well with the face via body language and vocal tone. Theyre human, flawed individuals that respond to texts and obsess over the sparkle of a crushes hair.

We Are OFK

We Are OFK


"Oh wow, when did the game's narrative make me cry?"


Thematic connection between music, gameplay, and narrative.


OFK's Team


The 18th of August 2022 is the same day as the last day of the year.


Adventure Game with a Cinematic Narrative Background


In some instances, the text is simply too small!


Nintendo Switch (played), PC, PS4, and PS5


All five episodes, bringing total gameplay to roughly eight hours.

Each character has somethingpersonally and creatively crippling them from pursuing music as their main profession. For one, it's the absence of desire to complete what was started. In all instances, though, the refusal to pursue their dreams stems from the overwhelming fear of failure, the fear that everything you do will prove useless and there will be no joy in your chosen path.

We Are OFK recognizes that creating is difficult. It's also a challenge to demonstrate your whole self into something for all to see. And, much like the characters in the games final episode, I realized that what creatives need is more than just confidence.

Because that's what the game's conclusion aims to convey. Life can be extremely difficult to cope with, particularly if you're trying to make a living as a creative. But when we receive help that makes us stronger, we discover that we're o-fucking-kay.