The Developer of Harassed Destiny 2 Removes The Mic With Arc 3.0 Ability Reveal

The Developer of Harassed Destiny 2 Removes The Mic With Arc 3.0 Ability Reveal ...

Bungie unveiled its massive Arc 3.0 remake of Destiny 2's lightning abilities today, and while the rundown has a number of changes that are sure to please fans, one of its biggest surprises returns to a previous year's darker community moments.

Twilight Garrison, a fan-favorite Titan Exotic chest piece from Destiny 1, was announced on Twitter at the end of May. He responded to one player, saying, "I want to take the bandaid off."

According to Bungies lawsuits, being honest and open with fans ended up igniting a firestorm of outrage among some of them. It was only to retweet posts that were completely irrelevant to the game. Later, other Destiny developers took a step back from the community.

Twilight Garrison is coming back to Destiny 2 after all, or at least a close spiritual successor. According to the development team, one of the biggest changes to the Titan is the new Thruster class ability, which allows the Titan to dodge at high speed in a short period of time.

It's not exactly Twilight Garrison, but its close, and Titan fans are already enthused about combining it with an improved Shoulder Charge and Knockout melee to hulk out with.

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Yanes reacted in an iconic Twitter remark featuring Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Smash Bros., saying, "Never ask me for anything again."

The fact that Twilight Garrison is actually returning in some way is ultimately beside the point. People were sarcastic and there are no excuses.

We owe Kevin Yanes an apology or some bullshit, right? That's not how it works. You're not owed anything because you get your way later on. He's owed an apology because people were miserable fucking shitheads to him over an insignificant benefit that's gone longer than it ever existed.

The rest of the Arc 3.0 notes go into the reworked abilities in more depth. Hunters get Blink back, Warlocks get a moving teleport called Lightning Surge, and a new buff called Amplified will allow players to go faster as season 18.