29 years later, a mod Completely 'Voxelizes' the Doom

29 years later, a mod Completely 'Voxelizes' the Doom ...

This one is a collection of mods that you may have assumed were already there. Doom, the legendary 1993 first-person shooter, has all of its monsters and items rendered in beautifully chunky, 3D voxels, repurposing just about every single one of the games older-school, 2D sprite-based enemies and items, giving the game's lo-fi charm a fresh dimension.

Voxel Doom 1.0 is powered by GZDoom, a popular source port that greatly modernizes Doom's nearly 30-year-old game engine. However, if you're new to the world of Doom mods, it's essential for adding more functionality to the original game (such as mouse look, jumping, or crouching), as well as playing really cool mods like the Doom megawad Sigil from the games co-creator, John Romero.

Voxels are then a three-dimensional interpretation of typical 2D pixels. Voxels are simply small points in 3D space that have a size and a color assigned to them. Throw tens of thousands of them onscreen at once and you get a unique type of 3D graphics that, if you make them nice and chunky, can evoke classic 2D sprites, but with an additional dimension.

No Mans Sky, Valheim, and Teardown have used voxel techniques to create unique appearances, such as when playing Novalogic's 1992 helicopter simulation Comanche, Looking Glass' underrated 1996 Terra Nova, and 1999's action-adventure game Outcast. In practice, voxels can give off a somewhat retro vibe, which makes the addition of them to classic sprite-based shooters such a cool idea.

Classic Doom mods have the limits: some expand the game, while others add new gameplay elements. What makes Voxel Doom so cool is that the change in graphics manages to preserve the original gameplay while making it pop just a little more. This is a step further from more traditional attempts to cram 3D models into decades-old games, which usually end up looking bleak rather than true to the original aesthetic.

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In a stream showing off the new mod with fellow GZDoom developer Nash Muhandes, they talked about how the transformation of 2D sprites into 3D voxels results in a kind of stupendous effect that doesnt immediately appoints a player, especially in Dooms' case.

With this mod, you'll have a great time stumbling through the Martian Hell corridors. Everything from demons to pickup effects and equipment now pop to life, yet they still look very much like the original sprites. Weapon pickups in the environment are particularly cool, as they now spin in place.