All Characters Ranked in the MultiVersus Tier List

All Characters Ranked in the MultiVersus Tier List ...

If you're looking to spend your hard-earned Gold wisely, here's what you may need to know about our MultiVersus characters tier list to help you choose your next main!

MultiVersus may have just launched, but many players are finding pleasure in the free-to-play platform fighter.

Each character adds an interesting dynamic to the game, whether you're having fun as Batman or slam-dunking as LeBron.

But which characters are worth purchasing, and which fighters require some tweaking to fit the meta?

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Best Characters in MultiVersus Season 1

SBatman, Superman
AHarley Quinn, Arya Stark, Wonder Woman, Jake, Bugs Bunny, Steven Universe
BReindog, Tom & Jerry, LeBron James, Shaggy, Finn
CVelma, Taz, Garnet
DThe Iron Giant

On August 18, after Season 1's release, the program will resume.

As and when new versions are released or new characters are released, we'll update this tier list.

While some characters are certainly topping the meta, all characters have occasions where they are viable. However, we'll go further into our rankings below.

Before we dive into our tier list explanation, we recommend reading our guide on how to earn Gold quick in MultiVersus. This will allow you to purchase any of the following characters!

MultiVersus Tier List Explained

Batman is an extremely agile character, who makes up for it with spammable attacks and an ability to recover rapidly after being rung out.

Superman is easily the best Tank on the opposite side of the spectrum. He can handle plenty of hits before he begins to swing from enemy attacks, and a lot of his standard moves can be charged for added strength. Not only that, but his passive allows him to dodge from a multitude of angles.

The A-Tier is the most occupied tier. All of these fighters are excellent choices.

Arya has recently been buffed with the latest patch, making her more successful for those at lower skill levels. She is able to keep her enemies damaged consistently, despite her high skill floor.

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After EVO 2022, Wonder Woman also received some minor enhancements, whereas Bugs Bunny got nerfed. The most shocking character, however, is probably Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is fairly low on many tier lists, but we believe (along with MultiVersus EVO winner NAKAT) that he might be one of the game's best characters once more players learn how to utilize him.

He can alter his platforms on the fly, trap enemies within his shields to cause enormous damage, and bubbles can keep one adversary from falling in the face for a few seconds.

Many players thought Reindog was too risky in the early games, focusing too much on his Support role. However, as more Reindog players join the ranks, you notice that he can deal decent damage.

Tom & Jerry saw some nerfs, dropping them from their EVO 2022 top spots. LeBron James suffers too much when he loses his ball. Recent buffs make his shockwave when slam dunking stronger, but his basketball makes him difficult to push higher.

Shaggy seems to be a middle-ground character as more players are introduced to new characters as a result of the free rotation. He has a lot of flaws, but he is a master of none.

Finn saw some major changes in the latest update. After achieving many S-Tiers in the previous few weeks, he has now dropped to the bottom of the B-Tier.

Velma saw some major changes in the latest patch notes, as she should have been, and her weight has been reduced.

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Taz recently saw some changes to his tornado again as the team strives to make him fit in the meta. However, a lot of characters do what he does better.

Garnet is one of the few fighters who has recently seen some upgrades, but once again, plenty of other fighters are simply superior to her. And as long as she gets those additional upgrades, it will likely stay that way.

The more big they are, the harder they become. Our D-Tier is solely occupied by The Iron Giant, who saw some major changes in the latest update, despite not ruling the meta.

The Iron Giant has a limited range of strikes and is a heavy weight. If enemies can keep outpacing him, he will be a huge metal punching bag. And when his air is nerfed, he becomes even more weaker.

For the time being, here's your tier list, but be sure to keep updating when new characters arrive in MultiVersus. And if you're wondering which fighters are coming, look no further than our list of all leaked, datamined, or upcoming characters in MultiVersus!