How to Finish the Desert Time Trial Dragon Ball x Fortnite

How to Finish the Desert Time Trial Dragon Ball x Fortnite ...

Everything you need to know about the Dragon Ball x Fortnite collaborations desert time trial

Players have a slew of daily tasks to complete in order to get your hands on the elusive Dragon Balls and earn free rewards in the battle royale.

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Fortnite has a new mushroom obstacle course for Dragon Ball enthusiasts.

Where to Find the Desert Time Trial

The desert time trial for the Dragon Ball x Fortnite mission is located to the southeast of Rocky Reels, just across the river to the west of Shuffled Shrines.

How to Start the Desert Time Trial

To start the Desert Time Trial, simply approach the glowing blue timer and hold the interact button to begin the race.

Then, take the lead off the ledge and run toward the next timer to the Northeast.

Continue to head East, then climb the hill, always looking for the closest glowing timer. But beware, youll need to hit all of your goals as soon as the time runs out.

Each timer will give you a slowly-depleting meter, showing you how much time you have left to complete the challenge.

How to Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival Fortnite x Dragon Ball

It may not be a cakewalk to complete this mission successfully with enemy players! If you're having too much trouble getting right into the time trial, try looting up first and bringing some gear to protect yourself.

On the other side of the cliff overlooking Condo Canyon, this is where the time trial will conclude.

Make sure to complete all of the Power Unleashed free quests in Dragon Ball x Fortnite once you have completed this time trial!

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