Fortnite x Dragon Ball: How to Complete Mushroom Obstacle Course

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: How to Complete Mushroom Obstacle Course ...

Fortnite's latest Dragon Ball quest requires you to complete a mushroom obstacle course, but how do you finish this quest?

More quests to earn Dragon Balls are coming in every day as part of the Dragon Ball collaboration, and the most recent training is for agility.

This quest involves a lot of jumping and sliding, as well as completing obstacle courses. However, you'll need to locate the course's start!

Where Can I Find Mushroom Obstacle Course Fortnite x Dragon Ball?

In the middle of the forest, players may find the mushroom obstacle course West of Reality Falls.

If you need an exact location, see our zoomed-in map below!

Be sure to train like Goku and look like him before you complete the quest! Check out the Dragon Ball bundles in Fortnite!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: How to Finish The Mushroom Obstacle Course

To start the course, players will need to find a floating timer at the front of the mushroom obstacle course.

By interacting with the timer shown above, you'll need to activate the time trial. If going by the default control scheme, the interact button would be E on PC, X on Xbox, or Square on PlayStation.

How to Complete the Desert Time Trial Fortnite x Dragon Ball in this video

Then, you must use small mushrooms and large mushrooms to collect the orbs of light around the obstacle course. Simply touching them will fetch it, and there are a few scattered throughout the area!

The main obstacle are enemy players, as there will be a lot of people coming to this location in the next few days. We suggest getting there early so others will be distracted by the course.

One of the most recent Dragon Ball x Fortnite quests has been completed. But make sure to revisit all of the quests and rewards!