In Pokemon GO, how do you do team building? Great League Research

In Pokemon GO, how do you do team building? Great League Research ...

This is how you can get some amazing rewards when you complete the Team Building: Great League Research in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO players are always up for doing some research and the World Championships event has two different Timed Research Stories for Pokemon trainers to follow.

There is also another exclusive Research Team Building: Great League.

Once you have learned how to get Team Building: Great League Research from a Twitch drop, you may proceed straight into it. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to complete it!

Table of contents

Great League Research All Tasks & Rewards in Pokemon GO Team Building

You will need to complete each task in all three steps to earn the reward. Only then will you be able to claim the rewards.

Task Reward ImageReward
Catch 1 Pokemon500 Stardust
Catch 2 Pokemon500 Stardust
Catch 3 Pokemon500 Stardust

For completing the first step of this Research, you'll receive three star pieces.

Reward ImageStep 1 Completion Reward
3 Star Pieces

The rewards you receive for step 2 of Team Building: Great League Research are always the same. However, which Pokemon you get depends on which of the three paths you choose.

In the Team Building phase, here's how to choose the best route: Great League Research and all of the Pokemon encounters!

Task Reward ImageReward
Use a Charged TM Chosen Pokemon Encounter
Power Up Pokemon 10 TimesChosen Pokemon Encounter
Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket GruntsChosen Pokemon Encounter

As part of this step, you receive 10 candy for each Pokemon you have just caught.

Task Reward ImageReward
Battle another Trainer in the Great League500 Stardust
Win a Trainer Battle in the Great League1000 Stardust
Win 5 Trainer Battles in the Great League5000 Stardust

You'll receive a Premium Battle Pass for completion of the final step.

Reward ImageStep 3 Completion Reward
Premium Battle Pass

Even after you completed the Team Building: Great League Research in Pokemon GO, there is still plenty more to experience in the World Championships event.

The new costumed Pikachu is sure to enthuse everyone. There is also a brand-new set of Raid Bosses for the World Championships event.