MultiVersus will include two additional Adventure Time characters

MultiVersus will include two additional Adventure Time characters ...

If you like Adventure Time, youll be surprised to know that two more characters from the series are leaking for MultiVersus.

A huge roster of fighters from some of Warner Bros' major franchises is already on display.

And while the Player First Games team has stated that a character does not have to be a Warner IP in order to be considered for roster consideration, so far weve had a diverse cast of representatives from the business.

Finn the Human was overpowered until his recent nerf, but both Finn and Jake the Dog are outstanding members of the game's cast.

However, it appears they wont be the last Adventure Time representatives to attend the game.

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MultiVersus Announcers by BMO and Lady Rainicorn Have Been Leaked

Both BMO and Lady Rainicorn, two iconic Adventure Time characters, are coming to MultiVersus as announcers, and their lines are already recorded!

Although neither of the two familiar faces will be available as playable characters, the two fan favorites are already present in the game files. BMO technically already appears in-game as part of Finns moveset, but this is the first time weve seen Lady Rainicorn in a Warner Bros. title.

The rainicorn may use a universal translator to communicate, although the leaked voice lines do not appear to suggest that this will be the case.

Lady Rainicorn's announcer tweets from

BMO, on the other hand, seems to have some unusual interactions with Finn the Human, and the two appear to have the same voice actor, Niki Yang, so it makes sense that they are going to be together.

Each announcer pack costs currently 100 Gleamium or about $1, making them a great value for anyone looking for a change!

BMO announcer lines up

AisulMV, the leaker, has given us these new information!

The Adventure Time characters arent the only new ones coming to MultiVersus soon. In another recent leak, both Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West were discovered to be on the way!

Season 1 will get another DC supervillain and a Gremlins character.

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