Photos from the Amazon Series Fallout Reveal Vault Number and Location Details

Photos from the Amazon Series Fallout Reveal Vault Number and Location Details ...

The Fallout TV series got off to a good start when Amazon and Bethesda announced that the show would be brought to life by the creators of HBO's hit series, Westworld. Fans only rose from that when leaked photos revealed a set for the Super Duper Mart, an iconic and popular fictional supermarket chain in the world of Fallout. Now, a new set of leaks suggests that the series may ditch traditional Fallout tropes in favor of a new mythology.

LoneVaultWanderer, an ex-Bethesda community manager, shared some rather unusual images of one of Fallout's most famous vaults on Twitter.

With these set photos from the Fallout Amazon series, my Fallout fanboy dreams come true.

Many reviewers are already praising the show's creators, as the shows locales seem to have been ripped straight out of a Fallout game. More importantly, eagle-eyed viewers believe the leaks may have ruined parts of the show.

The number 32 is clearly visible on the sets column in the final leaked image (the common area photo) and is mirrored on the walls in the nursery set. Audiences have concluded that the shows vault in question is Vault 32.

Some sources appear to be referring to the set as Shelter 33. The use of the term shelter rather than vault may be based on a misinterpreted translation from another source. While there are early reports/leaks that suggest the shows vault number might end up being 33.

If you have never heard of that vault before, it will never be shown in any other Fallout media. Longtime fans may remember the sterile Vault 112 (which trapped everyone in a simulation), as well as the deadly Vault 22 and its deadly spore zombies. Any of Fallout's existing vaults could have been used for the show, but the creators have seemingly chosen a location that fans have never heard of, let alone visited.

It does not necessarily mean that the vault (or the program) is non-canon, but rather that it is simply going to be based on an existing lore and narrative of the games. However, that vault number may hint at where the show will take place geographically.

After posting the leaked photos, LoneVaultWanderer speculated that the Fallout show would take place in New Vegas or somewhere else within Nevada. According to the Fallout wiki, vaults are numbered based on their relative location. For example, Fallout 2 and New Vegas take place in or near Nevada and feature lower-numbered vaults like Vault 8 and Vault 11.

Granted, this numbering technique isnt a precise science. For example, Vault 111 is separated from Vault 112 by more than 400 miles. However, it gives enough information to establish that Vaults 1 through 34 are scattered throughout the West Coast. It's a safe bet that the Fallout Amazon series will take place somewhere in that general area. Maybe now audiences will be able to see the Super Duper Mart teased via in-game New Vegas ads.