Matthew Fox's return to television gets its first glimpse in the first trailer

Matthew Fox's return to television gets its first glimpse in the first trailer ...

Matthew Fox, who formerly starred in Lost, is making his TV comeback in a new streaming series called Last Light, and the first trailer for it has just been released.

There's something wrong with the world's oil, and it results in social collapse, and there's rioting all over.

Andy, the main character from Fox, is an expert in the field, and, as he starts to investigate, he starts to suspect that the oil problems are part of a conspiracy. As people start coming after him, he realizes that others may also be wrong. While his daughter is isolated from everyone, he wants to be there for his son's operation.

Basically, there's a lot going on. And as a limited series of only five episodes, we expect the pacing to be fairly fluid.

Dennie Gordon, the filmmaker of Jack Ryan, called the shots on this one, while you might have seen Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey earlier in the teaser.

Rola Bauer, MGM International TV Productions' president, said of the program: "This is a timely story about society's dependence on oil and its devastating effects on our planet.

"Dennie is a multi-genre talented female director, and her collaboration with Patrick and John has shaped a pressing message for our audiences."

"We started this journey with Sydney [Gallonde] and now with all of our platform partners involved, we are poised to have this message heard in every corner of the globe," said the speaker.

Peacock in the United States releases every episode on September 8th. The service is available through Sky and NOW in the United Kingdom.

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