Dan Spencer suffers a fresh romance setback in Emmerdale

Dan Spencer suffers a fresh romance setback in Emmerdale ...

After Emmerdale spoilers, here are some of the latest news.

Dan Spencer of Emmerdale will face another romantic setback in future scenes, as his attempts to get with Harriet Finch fail.

Dan and his daughter Amelia recently moved into Harriet's house after Gabby Thomas and Kim Tate evicted them from their respective properties, and Dan is certainly enjoying being closer to her.

Dan will take a risk by inviting Harriet out for drinks, but he'll be disappointed when he realizes that Harriet is completely unaware of his feelings about her.

Will he accept this as a setback and continue to pursue her, or will he accept that it will never happen and give up?

Katherine Dow Blyton, who plays Harriet, has recently discussed how her character will soon face the consequences of her unresolved feelings for Will Taylor.

"Harriet is getting a bit more invested in Will's life than she should be," the star said earlier this month on Digital Spy and other publications. "He's got to express his feelings before he walks down the aisle. That's all."

"Harriet isn't Kim Tate, but they are both feisty women who are capable of caring for themselves, so there will be more fireworks."

The wedding of Will and Kim will be one of the major stories of the 50th anniversary episodes, but there will be no live episode during the festivities.

"There's a reason that viewers like the lives, and that's because they're looking for something to go wrong," producer Jane Hudson said recently.

"Live episodes have a problem because you're so limited in the stories you can tell. We know that one of our viewers' favorite things about these is the surprises we perform. You can't do those in a live event."

"The other major factor is COVID. If we suddenly have people test positive on the day of the live and we go, 'Jeff [Hordley] is not available for that big story,' I'm not sure what we would do."

Emmerdale airs on ITV weeknights at 7.30pm and streams on the ITV Hub.

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