The star of EastEnders confirms Ben Mitchell's leaving scenes in the rape plot

The star of EastEnders confirms Ben Mitchell's leaving scenes in the rape plot ...

Some readers might find the following article helpful in terms of sexual assault.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Aidan O'Callaghan, who plays Lewis in EastEnders, has confirmed his departure scenes. In the Ben Mitchell rape plot, Lewis has been shown.

Following a harrowing week when Phil and Sam Mitchell first attempted to take revenge on him, Ben was ready to do something about Lewis.

Ben considered shooting Lewis, but he forced him to confess the rape instead, and later confided in dad Phil that he would report the assault to police.

Aidan O'Callaghan has spoken about his time on the soap coming to an end now that Ben has finally gained a sense of closure.

"It's a massive emotional week," Lewis said of the last episode. However, the door for me hasn't been completely sealed yet, according to the actor. "I'll just have to wait and see if my phone rings."

"On the one hand, it has been so rewarding as you get to play so much drama and this really intense arc," says the author, but on the other hand, it is a really difficult arc to carry through in terms of redemption.

"It's a dark, complex story. It's interesting if it went to court. I know from speaking with Survivors Manchester that court cases can be tricky and complicated, and having the evidence presented would be fascinating, but we'll have to wait and see."

O'Callaghan will have a busy few months ahead as he departs Walford. He's also working on a film for The Witcher: Blood Origin.

"I'm filming a fantastic feature film in Yorkshire, playing a really interesting soldier," said the filmmaker. "I've signed with a new agent. I'm just looking forward to seeing what happens next and I'm really excited for The Witcher: Blood Origin, which I shot last year.

After the warehouse week, I also had a bit of a rest. Steve [McFadden] said on my final day how amazing it had been working with me and I was thinking, 'I need to record this and hang it on my wall.'

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