Naomi Walters of Emmerdale expresses remorse for Manpreet Sharma

Naomi Walters of Emmerdale expresses remorse for Manpreet Sharma ...

The spoilers for Emmerdale follow.

In Emmerdale, the feud between Naomi Walters and Manpreet Sharma continues to grow.

Naomi initially rejected Charles' attempts to meet his long-lost daughter, but Manpreet has been sceptical of Naomi, leading to a major error this week.

Naomi was then enticed temporarily over false allegations that she had attacked her father, although Charles had actually slipped in the church aisle.

Manpreet tries to fix fences in Wednesday's episode, even though Naomi warned her to keep away.

When Manpreet accidentally walked into Charles's relationship with Ethan, Naomi, and their mother Esme, it was a bit awkward, making her feel a bit insecure.

Naomi and Esme sent Manpreet on the back foot, peppering her with questions about Meena, including why she hadn't returned to the village after Meena's death.

"It must be a horror to see people everyday, knowing your sister killed their friends and loved ones," Esme said.

Charles piped in: "I'm really glad she was brave enough to stay. This village is her home!"

Naomi accepted a fresh start and announced that she would move into Ethan's flat once she felt like she'd needled Manpreet enough. However, Naomi later admitted that it was a hoax.

Naomi told Manpreet that she cannot trust someone like you to take care of my father's condition. You might be a danger to him. "You put me through a lot of hardship and I'll never forgive you."

Is Manpreet able to break up with Naomi?

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