The actress of Never Have I Ever talks about the show's sexual orientation

The actress of Never Have I Ever talks about the show's sexual orientation ...

Never have I ever followed spoilers.

Never Have I Ever has dropped its third season on Netflix, culminating in lead character Devi going over to Ben's house to claim his offer to assist her lose her virginity.

Season 3's sex debate is partly influenced by her friends all receiving their v-cards, and on the whole it feels like the season 3 is more interested in sex than previous seasons.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, the lead actress, agrees with this assessment, telling Digital Spy in an exclusive interview that "sex is very important." Kamala claims that sex is a big deal.

"One of my favorite scenes is the interaction between Kamala and Devi, where Kamala is saying, "Is he pressing you?" It's a real talk, because you can see that Devi is feeling secure enough to say, 'Is it going to hurt down there?'

"She's feeling secure enough to ask that, but sometimes in conversations, especially when we're young, we don't feel safe enough to ask that because we're afraid we'll be judged in some way or another. You're either an absolute slut or a goodie-two-shoes virgin.

"I'm speaking as a woman here of the good old woman experience that open communication is preferable, especially with people you can trust and your friends. It's okay to be open, and I think it's wonderful that the three girls lose their virginity at different times."

Ramakrishnan discussed how the show is changing in tandem with how conversations about sex in general are changing, with less of a focus on a "toxic" male perspective.

Seasons 1 and 3 of Never Have I Ever are available on Netflix now.