Daisy Campbell of Emmerdale gives a hint about Amelia's baby's father

Daisy Campbell of Emmerdale gives a hint about Amelia's baby's father ...

There are spoilers for Emmerdale.

Daisy Campbell, who plays Amelia Spencer in Emmerdale, has spoken out about her pregnancy.

Amelia's secret is revealed at an unforgettable school prom, causing fury in the village, particularly from her father Dan, who is concerned that his daughter will become closer to Noah Dingle.

Campbell said the news makes Amelia "mortified," but she's also relieved that the secret is now out.

"There is a prom," Cathy and Amelia attend. Amelia goes, but she doesn't want to because she doesn't want to show off the baby bump in the dress, and she gives details on the pregnancy.

"She gets into a feud with Noah, there's some drama between Noah and Amelia, and it ends up being broadcast near the village hall. Amelia just feels absolutely terrible, but she also feels that a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. "

"Amelia is stunned that her dad knows and there's a lot of other people there, and Amelia is just in shock."

Campbell also discussed the rumors about Amelia's baby's father.

Amelia has been seen growing closer to Noah, and the possibility of a partnership between the two is causing worry as Amelia is only 15 years old, while Noah is 18 years old, and has a problematic history with women.

Dan is understandably upset about the relationship. "He's not happy at all," Campbell said.

"He knows what Noah has been like with Chloe and Gabby in the past. Amelia is such a young lady, Dan is extremely protective of her, so he does not respond well to it at all."

Despite the couple becoming closer, Noah is not the father of the child, something Campbell believes Amelia wishes was the case. "Deep down she would [wish Noah was the father] because, without giving away who it is, the other father is not really around," said the pair.

"Now she has this connection with Noah, deep down she's wishing it was him, because he's there more than this other person."

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