Jeremy Paxman's replacement has been announced by University Challenge

Jeremy Paxman's replacement has been announced by University Challenge ...

Amol Rajan, the BBC's media editor, will take over as host of University Challenge. Jeremy Paxman will take over as host.

Paxman announced his retirement from his job as quizmaster of the BBC Two program on Tuesday (August 16).

Rajan, who hosts BBC Radio 4's Today program, will take over the reins in episodes that air from autumn 2023. Paxman's final episode will air next summer.

Rajan said in a statement that being asked to host my favorite television program is "dream come true." I have watched University Challenge endlessly for years, becoming addicted to its high standards, breathtaking title music, and inspiring contestants.

"It's the finest possible alternative to cynicism about young people, allowing millions of us to put our wits to the test of the best minds of a new generation, and annoy and impress our families by yelling answers from the sofa."

Rajan stated that he was aware of Paxman's role as the University Challenge's first host, who died earlier this year.

He paid homage to his late father, declaring that he will dedicate his first 'Starter for 10' question to him.

Rajan continued, "I have a lot of shoes to fill." "Jeremy hands over a program and program that's as strong as ever, with his immense intellect, authority, and respect from students and viewers alike.

"I'll never stop thinking about my late, beloved Dad, who accompanied him to England as a child, who influenced me immensely in my pursuit of excellence in university.

"I'll dedicate my first Starter for 10 to him, as well as to the millions of quiz-freaks who, like me, appreciate those rare occasions when they know the answer before the students."

Unscripted, the BBC's director, has stated: "University Challenge is an extremely essential part of our entertainment slate as it continues to entertain, challenge, and educate audiences.

"We're astonished that Amol has agreed to be the new host. Jeremy has left a major job to fill, but Amol's experience, expertise, and humor make him the perfect fit for one of Britain's longest-running and toughest quiz shows.

"If future student contestants believe they'll get a better deal with Amol taking over, they can think again."

University Challenge is available on BBC Two and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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