The creator of Summer Camp Island reacts to HBO's Max Content Purge: They Deleted Our Show 'Like We Were Nothing.'

The creator of Summer Camp Island reacts to HBO's Max Content Purge: They Deleted Our Show 'Like We  ...

Julia Pott, the creator of Summer Camp Island, is expressing her displeasure at HBO Max, who has purported the entire series' content, including 20 unreleased episodes.

HBO Max announced Wednesday night that more than three dozen titles, including Cartoon Network's Summer Camp Island, would be removed this week, as Warner Bros. Discovery prepares to combine HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single, unified streaming service. Shortly thereafter, Pott lamented the decision on Twitter.

According to HBO Max, we aimed to produce 100 animation episodes in five years. We worked late into the night, we let ourselves go, we were a family of dedicated artists who wanted to create something remarkable, and we all pulled them out like we were.

Pott spoke on the final season of the show, which is scheduled for release in 2023. "We worked through the epidemic to create 20 linear episodes that are our most beautiful work yet," she said. "You will see them!" I will not be restless.

Ryan Pequin, whose other credits include the soon-to-be-purged titles Close Enough and Infinity Train, expressed his disappointment. We put... a lot of effort into that, he said of the final season of Summer Camp Islands. With the exception of Regular Show and the current project I am working on, every single animated thing I've ever worked on is apparently being wiped out for tax reasons.

Cole Sanchez, an added voice actor, says the final season of Summer Camp that has not been broadcast, and to hear about this via Deadline with no information from the studio is extremely dissatisfying.

The above-mentioned Close Enough and Infinity Train are included in the HBO Max purge, as well as other animated titles Aquaman: King of Atlantis, Esme & Roy, The Fungies!, Infinity Train, Little Ellen, Odo, Summer Camp Island, Tig n Seek, and Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs.

HBO Max does not have to pay licensing fees for programs and movies anymore, which is a bottom line-boosting measure for the streamer even when said checks are being paid to Warner Bros. Television.