The She-Hulk Scene Solves the Mystery of Captain America's Virginity, and the Answer 'Absolutely Is Canon.'

The She-Hulk Scene Solves the Mystery of Captain America's Virginity, and the Answer 'Absolutely Is  ...

The following are spoilers from She-Hulk: Attorney a Law's mid-credits sequence.

She-Hulk, the first mid-credits scene of the season, unraveled the mystery of Captain Americas sex life and, in doing so, gave new meaning to the catchphrase, I could do this all day.

Jennifer Jen Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany) laid out for her cousin Bruce Banner (MCU vet Mark Ruffalo) all of the evidence supporting her claim that Steve Rogers, who was a sad case before taking the Super Soldier Serum, was frozen in ice for decades as Captain America, and then was very busy saving the world (or being on the run), never had time for S-E-X.

A seemingly shattered Jen further laments the fact that Steve Rogers was, well, blocked by his career in the premieres mid-credits scene set outside Bruce's Mexico hideaway.

Steve Rogers was a great sacrifice for his country, and he never got to experience sex! Jen sobs into a margarita. Did you see that ass? That ass did not deserve to die a virgin. It's, like, quite tragic!

Smart Hulk is moved to dismiss his cousins' accusations, revealing that his good friend and colleague lost his virginity to a girl on the USO tour in 1943.

He and we then discover that Jen was in fact sober as a judge this whole time, and was simply baiting him.

Yes! I knew it! Captain America f! she valiantly trumpets just as the credits resume, cutting her F-word off.

Rao said the subject of Steve Rogers' virginity has been a topic for years. However, I will say that the response we give in the program comes straight from [Marvel Studios CEO] Kevin Feige, so it is a canon.

She-Hulk viewers may expect mid-credits sequences in most of the nine episodes, but Captain America f! will always be her favorite, in part because that was meant to be the last tag of the entire season, according to Rao.

This tag was going to be worn throughout the season. But you got it upfront, she said. You didnt have to wait for it.

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