In a Fatal Finale Grade It, Pretty Little Liars unveils 'A'! Plus, the EPs Address That Important Looe End

In a Fatal Finale Grade It, Pretty Little Liars unveils 'A'! Plus, the EPs Address That Important Lo ...

Original Sin deserves the credit for doing something its predecessor would not have done in its first season finale, as it revealed A.

The big reveal took place during Episode 10, the third of three episodes available to stream on Thursday. Wed ask if you were able to solve the mystery on your own beforehand, but we already know that you werent, so don't be afraid to tell someone what happens to them.

The main culprit for Rose Waters' trouble turned out to be Marshall Clanton, the d-bag principal of Millwood High School (oh, right). This reportedly resulted in her getting pregnant with Angela and her previously unknown twin brother Archie! (Side note: This program shares a universe with Riverdale.)

Rose enrolled Angela at Millwood High, where her father could keep a close eye on her, but Archie, the one in the scarecrow mask who has been straight-up killing people all season, stayed at home, because he had a face only a mother could love, only for them to turn on her when Davies' high school boyfriend called Tom Beasley attacked her!

It all comes back to that rat bastard Tom, who received what he deserved in the end. Mrs. Beasley plunged a knife into her husband's stomach, as cockroaches do, before returning to Chips' house to deliver the same well-deserved fate. (These final episodes confirmed that Chip sexually assaulted Tabby and Imogen, and that he is the father of Imogen's baby, so they can enjoy hell together.)

Every secret was revealed, and every bad guy came to an abrupt end. At this point, you're probably waiting for the other shoe to drop. Surely the first season of Original Sins would not be a failure to tie up so many loose ends, right?

Aguirre-Sacasa agrees, of course, but he thinks it's also important to mention that Archie is still alive. (Come on Season 2!)

Other intriguing events in the final years of the year should be discussed.

Imogen told Tabby that she found a nice couple in Rosewood to adopt her, one named pause for dramatic effect Aria and Ezra! We did not get to see the couple, but Imogen said that they are open to keeping in touch with her.

* In other slightly more positive news, Noas' mother is in rehab, while Mouses' mothers are back at work and working on their marriage. Farans' mother is also in Millwood, which might be helpful if she can learn to be less controlling.

Were you satisfied with the all-wrapped-up Original Sins finale, or did you want more? First grade the finale and the first season below, and add your thoughts about HBO Maxs PLL offshoot.