The 'Blank' trailer teases a dystopian writer's retreat with no escape [Exclusive]

The 'Blank' trailer teases a dystopian writer's retreat with no escape [Exclusive] ...

The upcoming film Blank makes the notion of writer's block a real-life nightmare, though Collider is thrilled to reveal the teaser for the film, which depicts Rachel Shelley as an author struggling with writer's block who goes to a high-tech resort to find some rest.

The writer's retreat at first glance seems like a paradise. It's a cozy retreat, with everything a struggling writer would need: some furniture, a cozy fireplace to curl up by, a decked-out kitchen, and an A.I. companion capable of providing everything needed to succeed, and, even worse, no distractions from their work.

Claire (Shelley) believes she will no longer have to tell the author's absolute worst nightmare in this future. A simple device placed on the side of a person's head is capable of generating any simulations they desire, whether it be a relaxing stroll in the countryside or something else.

As Claire's life becomes more hazardous, Rita (Heida Reed) begins to malfunction, and her A.I. assistant Rita (Wayne Brady) begins to panic, even as she promises to leave until she finishes her book. It begins becoming more like Misery with an all-powerful robot who is holding her captive, making her an ideal setting for her.

On September 23, Blank will be released in theaters and on demand. Check out the exclusive teaser below:

Here's the official synopsis for the film:

Claire discovers herself trapped in her unit with a deficient android after checking in for an A.I. writer's retreat. She must outsmart the technology in order to escape the captor.