The trailer for 'God's Creatures' puts a mother and son's relationship to the test

The trailer for 'God's Creatures' puts a mother and son's relationship to the test ...

In a teaser for Gods Creatures, ghosts of the past collide with nightmares of the future. The relationship between a mother and son is put to the test in this psychological drama that stars Academy Award nominee Emily Watson (Breaking the Waves), Primetime Emmy nominee Paul Mescal (Normal People), and Aisling Franciosi (The Nightingale).

Brian OHara, a small Irish fishing village, has just returned after spending almost a decade abroad in Australia. His arrival evokes joy in the community, but more importantly with his mother, Aileen (Watson), who has been awaiting her son's return since he left the town seven years ago. Aileen struggles with the mounting evidence against him, as her world unravels.

The teaser provides a dark backdrop for an even darker storyline. Filled with all the gorgeous but wettery scenes that one can expect from a film set in a coastal Irish town, there is a certain alluring sadness that can be felt in the performances seen in the teaser. Aileen's deep emotions about what's right and wrong, together with her son's constant cries for his innocence, make for an engaging push-pull scenario that we can anticipate to see play out throughout

Gods Creatures is the second time Davis and Holmer have collaborated on a film that was nominated for best first feature in the Spirit Awards. It's with their eye for a building drama that will have you spellbound.

A24s Gods Creatures will be released on September 30 in cinemas. It's a great fall drama to make people feel the chill in the air as they continue to guess what happened on the night in question. You can see the trailer below.