The 'Vampire Academy' trailer depicts a world of Moroi, Dhampirs, and Strigoi

The 'Vampire Academy' trailer depicts a world of Moroi, Dhampirs, and Strigoi ...

Fans have been treated to a new trailer for Peacock's highly anticipated series adaptation of Richelle Meade's Vampire Academy, which was released this morning. It's no surprise that In The Vampire Diaries, along with Marguerite MacIntyre, was chosen to adapt another beloved vampire romance.

When tragedy strikes the Dragomir family, Vampire Academy fans got their first glimpse of what they could expect from the intricate world of privilege and glamour that the moroi Lissa Dragomir and her dhampir friend Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer) face. Along with Rose's forbidden romance with Lissa's temporary guardian Dimitri Belikov (Kieron Moore) and Lissa's forbidden romance with a fellow moroi named Christian Ozera

The new teaser explores the world of moroi and dhampirs at St. Vladimir's Academy, as well as the deadly strigoi lurking in the shadows beyond the gates of safety. It also shows Rose's dhampir training, Lissa's romantic expectations, and the highly anticipated relationship between her and Dimitri.

J. August Richards, Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Rhian Blundell, Jillian DeFrehn, and Don Murphy produce the first episode of Vampire Academy, which is later directed by Luis Prieto, Jesse Warn, Erica Dunton, Geoff Shotz, and Julie Plec.

Peacock will release Vampire Academy on September 15 with four episodes, with new episodes starting weekly on Thursdays. See the new trailer below: