Olivia Colman's 10 Performances That Prove She Is The Best Actress Working Today

Olivia Colman's 10 Performances That Prove She Is The Best Actress Working Today ...

Olivia Colman is Meryl Streep of this generation. She is capable of anything, and she consistently excels at everything she does. Drama? Of course. Musical? Just wait.

She is one of the most versatile and exceptional performers of all time, and if she is nominated for an award, the other nominees would better watch out because, chances are, she's going to win. Don't believe me? All you have to do is watch her on screen to know that everything I just said is true.

'The Favourite' (2018)

Neither! Olivia Colman won the coveted Oscar during her career in the United Kingdom. She had previously been a well-known person in the United Kingdom.

The Favourite is a film by Yorgos Lanthimos, an internationally recognized Greek filmmaker, loosely based on Queen Anne's life in England's 18th century. She is frail, sick, and temperamental. She needs the constant care of her servant Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz), but when Abigail (Emma Stone) enters, a struggle begins to earn Anne's trust as her favorite.

'Tyrannosaur' (2011)

Tyrannosaur is one of Colman's lesser-known roles. Hannah is a Christian charity worker who develops a connection with Joseph (Peter Mullan), a man who is prone to violence and self-destruction.

The film is packed with subtly under-the-surface emotions waiting to burst free. Hannah and Joseph have been through so much that they're each afraid to be vulnerable with someone else. Tyrannosaur is a dark, hard to watch, but it's worth it to see an actor of Colman's calibre transform pain into performance.

'The Lost Daughter' (2021

The Lost Daughter, directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a difficult film to get right. Her protagonist has to walk the line betweenlikable and unlikable. Leda is a woman who regrets becoming a mother. Whether right or wrong, that assumption offends many people because of long-held, misogynistic gender roles and expectations.

Colman plays Leda with her trademark humanity and deep sense of agony. She both loves her children as adults and wishes she didn't have to raise them. That complexity requires a talented performer, so it makes sense that Colman received her third Oscar nomination for the role.

'Fleabag' (2016 - 2019)

Fleabag by Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the most popular comedies of the past few years, partly due to the show's complex cast of characters with actual, genuine depth. Olivia Colman's Godmother is one of the show's highlights, earning her an Emmy nomination.

When Fleabag's father becomes a girlfriend, Colman sees Godmother as an understanding, strange woman with a different viewpoint, open to forming a connection. It's a skill that Colman is clearly up for.

'Landscapers' (2021 - 2021)

Look at this year's Emmy nominees, where true crime stories are all the rage; it's surprising that Landscapers came and went without much fanfare. The couple played Susan and Christopher Edwards, a real-life couple who was kept hidden for 12 years.

Colman excels at putting depth into every role she plays. Landscapers certainly gives her a lot to work with, allowing her to find light absurdity in a character whose crimes are extremely serious. No one puts on a worried face like Olivia Colman, and she gets plenty of opportunities to express real pain in her eyes.

Susan's displeasure is palpable when you look at her.

'Peep Show' (2003 - 2015)

Olivia Colman's first acting role in England is the Peep Show, a sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. The show follows Mark (Mitchell) and Jez (Webb), two roommates with tense personalities, as they go about their lives putting themselves in uncomfortable situations every day. The program's unique camerawork is known for using point-of-view images to get you immersed in its characters.

Sophie, Mark's eventual love interest throughout the show, is taken from the job of playing the actress to perfection. The character evolves throughout the show's long run, and Colman shines with every turn. It's true, and she can stand up for anyone.

'The Crown' (2016 -)

The Crown is one of the best Netflix has ever produced. A major reason for this is the show's casting. Every character is reimagined to better represent the period in the future. The actors must find genuine humanity in the English royal family, who strive to be gentle, sincere individuals who never show their vulnerability in seasons three and four.

From the late 1960s to the early 1990s, Colman's Elizabeth was called into question and overshadowed by an outsider, Princess Diana. That requires a special touch to make a character appear grand and royal without always being the focus.

'Hot Fuzz' (2007)

Olivia Colman plays Doris Thatcher, a policewoman who is always willing to offer some sexual innuendo to lighten the mood. She's like David Caruso from CSI: Miami.

Except that's the joke in and of itself, all of these men who work with Doris are willing to laugh about her sex life; they're just waiting for her to give them their permission. So, in a way, the fact that she's the one initiating the jokes removes their power and leaves the comedy.

'The Father' (2020)

The Father, by Florian Zeller, is a difficult movie to see. Especially if you've lived with a loved one who has suffered with Alzheimer's and dementia. Part of it's enjoyment is Anthony Hopkins' Oscar-winning performance as the titular father dealing with his new, complicated perception of reality. His tender confusion will engulf your heart.

The Father isn't a story about a single guy; it's a two-hander between Hopkins and Olivia Colman as her daughter and caretaker who tries to live her life in a different light than her father. Colman portrays an imperfect person in a terrible situation with nothing but good intentions.

'Broadchurch' (2013 - 2017)

Olivia Colman has been dubbed one of the greatest modern greats by many. On Broadchurch, she is not only tasked with co-starring alongside David Tennant, but also her character, Ellie Miller, who is dealt blow after blow to her understanding of the people around her. Piece by piece, Ellie is torn apart and has to piece herself back together again.

The story follows Colman and Tennant as two detectives investigating the murder of a child in a small, quiet UK town of Broadchurch, who must uncover the residents' deepest, darkest secrets. The show's raw humanity is what makes it stand out.