How One Costume Detail Unravels Charlotte Hales' Character in 'Westworld' Season 4

How One Costume Detail Unravels Charlotte Hales' Character in 'Westworld' Season 4 ...

The following is a list of Westworld Season 4 spoilers. Charlotte Hale was once something of an enigma in Westworld. What we see today is simply her as a host created by her to act as her pawn. This is why we follow her as our main antagonist for Season 4.

The scar may be something that has been left in the subconscious of the viewer. Charlotte was still pondering about who she is as a host despite Dolores' actions against humans in general, and she expresses a lot of concern for the real Hales family. As they try to escape their car, Hale becomes ambushed and burns herself in a charred mess.

When we see Hale in Season 4, the scar is often visible, but she often leaves her arms bare. Neither she nor any of the other characters mention it for the majority of the season, but the costuming keeps the viewer aware of its existence. And it forces us to think: why do we keep it?

The decision to keep the scar represents her complex relationship with humanity. It serves to remind her why she was so adamant about achieving her ideal world for hosts, despite her failures. It also serves to remind Hale of her own shortcomings. The inability to maintain her original objective but also her inability to protect the people she set out to protect

Hale keeps the scar as a reminder of her humanity-hating behavior from the beginning of Westworld. She does it because she cannot let go of the past. She wants a physical reminder of what she's working for.

Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) points out the scar first, and Hale says, I want to keep it as is when she is being repaired. It's a sentiment that is, contradictorily, deeply human. Hale wants this tangible reminder of her humanity, of her failure, and of how (despite appearances) she is not infallible. From Episode 1, the clues are there.

Charlotte Hales' hidden weaknesses are revealed when she confronts The Man in Black for the final time. Hale strips herself down to her wireframe and watches the river flow in her final moments. She is truly human, after destroying the monster she created. Her guilt and suffering are gone, but her genuine desire for the safety of her fellow hosts allows her to see her true self.