Valerie Buhagiars Film Is Full of a Zest for Life: 'Carmen' Trailer

Valerie Buhagiars Film Is Full of a Zest for Life: 'Carmen' Trailer ...

Valerie Buhagiars Carmen sets out to demonstrate exactly that. When she encounters an unexpected situation, her life is quickly turned upside down.

Carmen, a lovely Mediterranean country in the 1980s, is portrayed in a new teaser. She soon learns that family and faith are the most essential and tethering things in her world. When her brother dies, and she takes a seat in the confessional booth, she realizes that there is much more to life.

Buhagiar, who directed the 2017 drama short The Fall of Grace, has a long history of directing, so Carmen, inspired by true events, is a top pick for her. In the years since, the performer has appeared in films including Roadkill, Expecting, Adriatico My Love, and Adriatico My Love.

Natascha McElhone has had a long list of roles in well-known films such as Ronin and The Truman Show, as well as series such as Californication, Designated Survivor, and, The First. Most recently, she has been seen staring in the Paramount+ series Halo.

You may see the trailer below and continue reading for the film's official synopsis.

Here's the synopsis:

Carmen has been looking after her brother, the local priest, for the majority of her life. When the Church abandons Carmen, she is mistaken for the new priest. Carmen begins to see the world and herself in a new light.

Carmen lives a life of servitude from the age of 16 until she 50, when her brother dies. She leaves the church and makes up for lost time.